Who Wants To Discourage VPN Usage?

New Interest in VPN In light of the recent Senate’s decision to reverse the FCC’s privacy rule for Internet Service Providers, the public has became considerably more interested in VPNs. Many people...

EFF Makes a Case For Keeping the FCC’s Privacy Protections

According to the EFF, US-based ISPs have engaged in five different privacy-violating practices. ISPs have been documented selling their customers' data. It is an especially creepy practice when mobile providers do that,...

Krebs Chimes In On Using a VPN Post-FCC Privacy Rules

Brian Krebs, a noted online security journalist, posts his thoughts on using a VPN now that US Congress has allowed ISPs to sell customers browsing history and other personal data. As...

Freedome VPN Review 2017

Freedome VPN is a complete online privacy and security solution from a noted European vendor F-Secure. Freedome offers both a VPN (virtual private network) that cloaks your real IP while encrypting...

Does Pokémon Go Spy On Your Email?

For a short time, not only Pokémon Go on Android have been exposed to privacy concerns. Earlier, a security researcher Adam Reeve has stated in a blog post that the incredibly...

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