Cyber Attack On Hacking Team Could Have Been Conducted From Barcelona

A Catalan portal reports: Catalan and Italian police are investigating the hacker attack on the Police Union and the leak of 5540 police officers’ personal data. The police suspects that the...

EFF Makes a Case For Keeping the FCC’s Privacy Protections

According to the EFF, US-based ISPs have engaged in five different privacy-violating practices. ISPs have been documented selling their customers' data. It is an especially creepy practice when mobile providers do that,...

Krebs Chimes In On Using a VPN Post-FCC Privacy Rules

Brian Krebs, a noted online security journalist, posts his thoughts on using a VPN now that US Congress has allowed ISPs to sell customers browsing history and other personal data. As...

Does Pokémon Go Spy On Your Email?

For a short time, not only Pokémon Go on Android have been exposed to privacy concerns. Earlier, a security researcher Adam Reeve has stated in a blog post that the incredibly...

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