Spy on Tinder with FlexiSPY

Spying on Tinder

There are many ways to spy on Tinder and FlexiSPY is one of the more efficient ones.

As a monitoring app that sits on the phone and silently records all texts and activities, FlexiSPY also grabs all Tinder messages of the phone user and uploads them to your user dashboard.

Testing FlexiSPY With Tinder

We have decided to test the new “Tinder spy” FlexiSPY feature by installing Tinder and chatting to a few people. It’s a tough job but someone had to do it.

The Tinder messages are stored in the “IMs” sections.


When you choose Tinder from the list of the IM apps, you see the whole list of user’s conversations. The whole enchilada.

flexispy tinder dashboard

Clicking on the Tinder match’s name you will see the conversation between the phone user and that Tinder user. With timestamps and Tinder profile pictures included.

The Coolest Tinder Spy Feature

The really cool feature of Tinder spying with FlexiSPY is the animated GIFs. FlexiSPY actually shows you all these silly gifs from giphy.com that are embeddable in Tinder messages.

flexispy tinder dashboard

That’s something that no other Tinder spy app can grab.

What FlexiSPY Cannot Tell You About Tinder?

What FlexiSPY doesn’t show is the Tinder search settings. You cannot see what is the age range and the gender that the monitored person is looking for on their Tinder. But from looking at the chats, you can get a decent idea about that.

How Can I Track Tinder Messages By Myself?

It’s quite simple.

Here are the steps you have to take:

1. Make sure that your need to track Tinder messages is legitimate and you own the target phone.

2. Make sure that the target phone is an Android phone. If it’s an iPhone, mSpy will suit your needs better.

3. Buy a copy of FlexiSPY Premium or Extreme Edition – both are good for Tinder.

4. Install FlexiSPY on a rooted Android phone. If you’re unsure about rooting, FlexiSPY has a remote installation service where a technician will help you to root and install FlexiSPY.

5. The Tinder messages from the phone will be available on your user dashboard as we describe in this post.


Overall, FlexiSPY’s tinder spy feature is pretty impressive.

We tested about 10 conversations with different Tinder users and everything was neatly captured and displayed in the portal, including animated GIFs and conversations in languages other than English.

If you’re looking for full logging of Tinder chats, FlexiSPY is the most comprehensive solution we’ve seen yet.

It reveals who they’re talking to on Tinder (name and avatar), the content of their Tinder messages and even tells you the exact time when the messages have been sent.

How To Spy On Tinder With FlexiSPY?

To get all this information, you need to install FlexiSPY on a rooted Android phone, and from that point on it will just work.

You will see the Tinder messages in your user dashboard.

Get FlexiSPY or read our comprehensive FlexiSPY review.

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I'm David Lesniak, a security researcher, investigator and chief editor at SpyCasa. My work has been featured on various leading technology websites, such as Business Insider, Forbes.com and Android Authority.


  1. Grear info on Flexi-spy.How bout the ćosts ? Also more info on remote rooting an is remote instalation possible ? Thanks.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Neville.

      FlexiSPY is $68 for a month, $99 for 3 months and $149 for the year. They also have a more expensive edition but you don’t really need it for the Tinder feature.

      They have a remote installation service which you can buy for $39. However, to use this service you still need to have the phone in your hands! Their technician will connect to your PC remotely, you connect the phone to your PC with an USB cable and then the tech will root the phone and install FlexiSPY for you.


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