Internet of Things Strikes Again: Smart TVs Hacked Via Broadcast Signal

Ars Technica reports about a recent proof-of-concept attack on smart TVs. The exploit, demonstrated by a security consultant Rafael Scheel, uses a low-cost transmitter to embed malicious commands into a rogue...
does spyall and spytexter really work

Spytexter – Is It A Scam? Does Spy Text Work?

We have been requested to review the service at Does spytexter really work? Is "spy texts" real? Spytexter User Experience As you can see, when you land on the page,...
airhopper keylogger demovideo

How A New Keylogger Steals Secrets From an Isolated Computer

Researchers in the Israeli Ben Gurion University have demonstrated an innovative keylogger called "Airhopper". It is installed on an absolutely isolated computer, which is disconnected from the Internet. The keylogger then tricks the...

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