Aobo Keylogger for Mac is an impressively stealthy keylogger package with a unique ability to record every keystroke, take screenshots and grab all passwords (Professional edition only).

This is a comprehensive review of Aobo Keylogger Standard v4.0.5 and we will demonstrate each feature in detail, so that you can make an informed decision about this software. A review of Aobo Keylogger Professional is coming soon.


Excellent keylogging capability


It's not cheap but it's only a one time payment for lifetime usage

Ease of use

Couldn't be easier considering what it can do


Responsive chat support on the website

We Like

  • Impressive functionality
  • Grabs all keystrokes, screenshots and browsing history
  • No monthly or renewal fees - one time payment for lifetime use

We Don't Like

  • No easy search in keystroke logs
  • Doesn't monitor clipboard (copy/paste)

Summary:  We have tested the Aobo Mac Keylogger Standard on a Macbook running OS X El Capitan and found that all the functions work as advertised. 

It is an exceptional keylogger to its stealthiness and simplicity.

You only have to configure it once and it will email all recorded content to your inbox like a Swiss clock.

Read on for the in-depth review and demonstration, or click a button to get Aobo Keylogger immediately.

Aobo Keylogger Features

In a nutshell, the main features of the software are:

  • Record all keystrokes in any application
  • Record browsing history (on all browsers)
  • Record IM chats (Skype, Adium, MSN)
  • Save screenshots at a predetermined interval
  • Send all captured content to your email or upload it to an FTP server.
  • Runs in stealth mode and is practically impossible to detect
  • Bring up the keylogger window by pressing a customizable hotkey.

How to Install Aobo Keylogger

To install this software, you have to either buy it from the vendor website or download a free trial of Aobo keylogger.

After you’ve downloaded the package to your Mac, simply double click on the .dmg file and then double click on the file to install.

Aobo keylogger installation

If your security preferences don’t allow installation of apps outside of the Mac App Store, right click on and select “Open” to install. This what you will see:

Aobo keylogger installation

If you’ve purchased the software, you will enter your license to activate it.

With the free trial version, you will have 3 days to evaluate it until it will ask for a license.

The keystrokes will start to be recorded immediately on installation.

To ensure full stealth, erase the traces of Aobo keylogger installation by deleting your download history and deleting the downloaded .dmg file.

Keystroke recording

To view the recorded keystrokes, bring up the Aobo window by pressing your hotkey (Control-Alt-A by default) and select “View the logs” in the general tab.

The logs will open and you will see all the keystrokes recorded in each application used on the Mac.

aobo keystrokes log

You can save the keystrokes log to a PDF file and you can also clear all the keystrokes to start logging from scratch.

Screenshot capturing

Aobo keylogger can be configured to grab screen images at a predetermined interval.

You should configure high compression for the screenshots for efficient storage.

To see captured screenshots, open your logs as described in the previous section and select “Screenshots”.

aobo screenshot log

Again, you can save each screenshot as a PDF file and move between saved screenshots with the navigation buttons at the bottom.

Browsing History

Aobo will record all the websites visited on the Mac in all browsers(Chrome, Safari, etc.)

You can see the list of visited websites in your logs

Aobo website history

Recording IM chats

You can configure Aobo keylogger to record IM chats(both sides) on Skype, Adium, MSN and AIM.

Aobo chat recording

Keep in mind that chats taking place in the browser, for example in Facebook and Gmail are saved through the keystroke recording function.

Here is how the Skype chats are displayed in the log viewer. Notice that you can save the chat history to a PDF.

aobo chat logs

Send recorded content to your email

An important ability of the Aobo keylogger is sending all recorded content to your email.

To take advantage of this function, you have to configure it to use your gmail or account

aobo email configuration

In this example we have used a free email account to send the grabbed content to our inbox.

You have to configure how often do you want the emails to be sent and whether to include the screenshots.

When configured successfully, you will receive reports in your inbox, with the content attached as an file.

aobo email report

Inside the zip file you will find the recorded content saved in HTML files that you can conveniently view in your browser

aobo email report

It’s also possible to upload the content to an FTP server, however emailing is much more convenient.

Aobo Keylogger Summary

We have tested the Aobo Mac Keylogger Standard on a Macbook running OS X El Capitan and found that all the functions work as advertised.

It is an exceptional keylogger to its stealthiness and simplicity.

You only have to configure it once and it will email all recorded content to your inbox like a Swiss clock.

Aobo is really good for monitoring family Macs because it offers a good discount on a family package (3 licences) and it is a reliable piece of software.

Aobo has an active user support via Live Chat on their site and user guides and tutorials are provided.

The Aobo shopping cart is encrypted and secure so that your online purchase is 100% hacker-safe. After payment you will immediately receive an invoice email with your license code and a secure download link.

There are no renewal fees for Aobo keylogger. Any purchase guarantees a lifetime use for you.

Important Note: Aobo Keylogger can only be used legitimately, on a Mac device that you personally own.

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